Pet Name for Your Sweetheart? Why not!

We say baby, honey, sweetie, lovey, pumpkin, sugar pie, honey bunch, lovey, lover, dollface, love of my life, you rotten man, rudeface, gorgeous boy, beautiful girl, crazypants, bug, McGinty.

The point is: We like nicknames. We are a fan of the nicknames. I think I have only just scratched the surface of the nicknames that we call each other, because they vary widely and range from the nauseating to the hilarious to the mean but in a loving way, which pretty much defines our relationship.

the relationship between a pet name and emotional attachment is intertwined inexplicably. If I like you, if I love you, if you are important to me, I will call you honey, sweetheart, pretty girl, beautiful lady, some form of your name that ends in an -ie. It's the verbal equivalent of a hug, an arm around your shoulders, a brief squeeze to tell you that I think you are the bee's knees.

The relationship between my emotional attachment and wanting to pet you soft on the head and pinch your cheeks and tell you that you are pretty and possibly even sexually harass you, also intertwined. It reminds me how important emotional proximity is to physical proximity, across all kinds of relationships. It reminds you that I love you, very much.

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