Itching...Down There?

Itching...Down There?Vaginal discharge can be immensely frustrating for many women and for the doctors helping to alleviate their woes. Normal discharge varies through the phases of a woman's life and the days of her menstrual cycle.

It can be clear or white in color and watery or mucous in quality. When a discharge seems to change from what a woman considers normal, and especially when there's itching, she may automatically assume she has a yeast infection. Not so fast. The causes of such symptoms can be many, so let's review a few of the possibilities.

When should you contact your doctor about a discharge? If it is different from your usual discharge or if there are any other bothersome symptoms such as:

* Intense itching or raw skin
* Lower abdominal cramping
* During a pregnancy
* If it is associated with the use of vaginal devices like an IUD or pessary
* In the event of unprotected sex
* If it has a new, unpleasant odor

Unfortunately, not all sexually transmitted infections cause vaginal discharge or other symptoms but can lead to infertility and spread to new partners. So it is important to get screened at least annually or whenever you venture into a new intimate relationship.


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