Green Dating

Care to reduce global warming effect? You both love reuse reduce and recycling products? Here are some dating ideas where you two can support more environmentally friendly than your typical dinner-and-a-movie date;

Pick up your date in something other than a car

Tandem bicycles or Rollerblades are a fun green way to get around. For bikes, check your local rental shop. Rollerblades can often be found at secondhand stores. Be sure to bring a backpack to carry spare shoes!

Skip the store-bought cut flowers

They are covered in pesticides, and won't last more than a week or two. If you really want to give a token of your affection, consider a potted plant, or flowers picked from your own garden. Or bring some fresh, local, organic produce! Nothing says "love" like strawberries.

Consider an outdoors date

* Long walks along the beach (or lake, or river) are romantic, free, and non-polluting.
* Check out what events are being held by your local state parks. Some parks even offer rental equipment (canoes, skis, etc).
* Think about packing a picnic using Pyrex dishes to store the food, and real plates, silverware, and glasses that can be taken home to be washed afterward. Local food and organic winewill definitely set the mood.

Think about staying in

* No transportation needed!
* Turn the lights off for a candlelit dinner.
* Cook with local, in-season ingredients.
* Pretend you're old-school and woo your date with poetry, or perform a little serenade on that dusty guitar.
* Get a little crazy and play board games!
* If the weather permits and if you have a backyard, get cozy in a two-person hammock.

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