Masturbation May Cut Cancer Risk

Masturbation May Cut Cancer RiskYou’ll go blind. You’ll get carpal tunnel syndrome. You’ll lose sensation. You’ll grow hair on your palms. You’ll… lower your chance of getting cancer. In your face, wives' tales.

According to the BBC a study in Australia showed that frequent ejaculation can reduce the risk for prostate cancer. A dude who ejaculated 5 times per week could reduce his risk of p-cancer by a third.

There are 2 theories behind why this works: 1) the nut-busting cleans potentially hazardous material out of the ducts, hence the finishing phrase "these pipes are clean." 2) Blazing frequently may allow the prostate glands to mature and become resilient to carcinogens.

Also we learned that outside of being a cancer magnet and a reason for doctors to probe a grown man’s anus, the prostate produces a fluid that "activates sperm" and keeps them from sticking together.

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