Good Sleep Hygiene Not as Difficult as You Think!

If your biological drive for sleep seems to have decreased, make sure that you are following the kinds of routines and behaviors that will give you the best chance of getting as much refreshing sleep as possible. Here are some examples of good sleep hygiene:

* Make sure that you're going to bed early enough to allow yourself to get an adequate night's sleep.
* As your bedtime approaches, develop a relaxing routine in the evening — don't keep busy until the moment before you expect to fall asleep.
* Avoid watching TV in bed.
* Sleep in a cool, relatively dark room.
* Consider going to sleep to the sound of white noise, either from a bedside fan or a machine that generates calming sounds.
* Increase your exercising, but don't do it so near to bedtime that it gets your adrenaline flowing and keeps you awake.
* Limit your daily intake of caffeinated beverages and avoid them completely after lunchtime.
* Avoid alcoholic beverages.

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